Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wellbeing and a learner

Last year one of the staff challenges at Hobsonville Point Secondary School was wellbeing. 

HPSS Wellbeing Challenge - Term 4 2015
Aim: To develop a wellbeing challenge to encourage staff to look after themselves in Term 4. My initial thinking is to set a focus/challenge each week e.g. drinking more water, try a meditation strategy, get more sunshine, do some exercise, sleep well, reflect etc. Then provide some resources to support each week’s focus and encourage people to complete a weekly gratitude journal entry or reflection.

I have decided that this needs to continue for my own sanity. One of the things that I have seen happening for a number of years has been people putting tie downs between trees and then walking on the tie down. This had some interest, considering I wasn't in the right head space at the time. Now being at HPSS I am looking at new ways to look at our Hobsonville Habits. But the Habits are not just for the students, I believe that they are for us all at HPSS. It is amazing at the conversations that happen between staff, students, support staff that all mention the Habits.

From Sally Hart Blogpost
So why have I included learner in this post as well, I believe to be able to work towards the habits we have to learn. I am working on developing my learning in taking up a new skill, with that will come new knowledge. Doing a number of youtube searches ends up with hours of watching people do the cool things. But what about the beginning, what gear do I need, what resources? Having gathered student voice from the Individual Education Meetings at the beginning of the year with families and students many of them talked about wanting to develop new skills, not just within subjects, but also outside.

Two great sites for getting your slackfline gear,

Beginners slackfline video, 3 steps,  
Having to break down the skills required
1. Foot position
2. Elbows above shoulders
3. What to do and where to look, what to do with your head

Setup at school this afternoon

Had to work out if this is possible at school and make sure it is safe.
Yes, the Health and Safety is important. 

I will be sending out some video ideas to my Learning Hub students, as we work out what a Learning Journal will look like and develop. Can students show ideas for developing their learning and their Habits. Do they understand how the Learning Design Model could be used to help develop the new knowledge and skills.

I look forward to developing my wellbeing, my learning as I myself develop confidence in this with my learning hub students.

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