Tuesday, 26 July 2016

on a downer

Having a discussion with some of the staff yesterday, they felt sick, and down. Something that I was feeling. It took a bit of talking and thinking about what was happening and agreement, it was sense of loss. Not having that block 2 planning meeting with the co-teacher felt rather strange yesterday.

The loss of working with your co-teacher. It seems to be something that some of us who have done more than one year felt. You have developed an understanding of how you work in class, develop your students, planning and reflection.

Even though we have done some planning and talked about what the concept and context is for the semester, you still haven't been in the same room as them with the students. How will your teaching styles align, the ideas that you come up with develop over the nine weeks.

Having gone through the first blocks yesterday, it is no longer a sense of the unknown, it is now something that I look forward to and developing over the next semester, getting to know what the drama area holds and how we can develop students appreciation of technology and drama through the context of digital citizenship.

One of the best things yesterday was the use of a song at the start of the drama piece from Chatroom, 

Considering I used the same song last year for a computer science concept SPIN. I look forward to looking at the characteristics of technology in this module and how we are using technology and what the social, physical and environmental impact are.

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