Saturday, 6 August 2016

Open evening

Developing an open evening evening straight after the big project showtime is something that we have never done before. How best to show the Makerspace and Technology Learning Area.

To show examples of learning of our students both in spins and modules.

I decided to do something different with the Digital Technologies concept. Putting out some of the technologies that we use as part of the classes. The questions were around probing both students and parents for answers. Which I must say was a particularly interesting aspect to watch over the evening, as students dragged parents back to the table so they could explain their answers. 

Having opportunities for these type of community events brings in a range of community. Perspective families, students, even our own students with grandparents. It provides the community with an opportunity to see what is happening inside the walls (we don't have a fence that goes around the entire school).

As for next years open evening? Here is hoping it brings out even more creativity and innovation.

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