Saturday, 18 February 2017

Week three reflection

When I realize that I should also be making some reflections on this week as I ask my students to.

​Where did you encounter struggle this week, and how did you deal with it? Dealing with timetable and issues that were happening beyond my control. Having Kamar and hapara syncing together and the issues with custom timetables caused me to kind of lose it this week. Good to know we have have great people at school that can fix this. I didn't deal with it too well. Also remembered that SPINS are no longer just on Thursday which i needed to get the robots charged and unpacked for.

What about your thinking, learning or work this week brought you the most satisfaction? Why? Getting into teaching, watching students work through the work and hearing the realization that something's do that 45 minutes to problem solve and figure out, the same length of time it took me to realize that what I was doing didn't have any database connection lines of code in it. As soon as I looked at the error logs it all made sense.

The reaction of students when the realized what they would be being in my WALLE module, the realization that they "get to learn with $300 kits of EV3 lego", that was a comment from a student. A tweet from a parent that night was "A heart to dissect and robots to play with makes for an amazing day at school apparently".

Also having a student that was sick email in and ask for help, she wanted to catch up with here work, was able to email here back with google classroom codes and the email came back that her anxiety levels had reduced. Also posted some of the work that she had missed in hub through.

It has also been great watching the new schools in Christchurch start, some great posts of the learning that they are going through.

I will probably post this through to my blog later on, but thought it would be nice for family to see what I get up to at work in Auckland.

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