Saturday, 25 February 2017

Week four reflection

This week has been one of being adventerous, getting outside the comfort zone. With the WALLE SPIN using LEGO EV3 robots this has been around trying out new ideas to get students working as a team, using iPads to do the programming side of things. This has been a little bit harder than I thought, will have to look at some ideas to get students working together towards to outcome development.

Went to a live recording of the Project tonight, a great experience that had laughter, serious notes and the odd strange part. When you are watching them set up for a interview with someone off screen and then they suddenly stop talking, you know that its pre recorded. It took the audience a little bit to get used to this. Some of the things happening in the background during the whip around the country were funny. Thought I would try this out, as I enjoyed being audience for sportscafe when it was running last time I was up here.

Getting the sticker for codeclub was also good this week. It doesn't seem that long ago when we were starting it in Christchurch, when 65 students signed up and two nights for a term went into developing such an awesome programme. Thats enough this week.

Best comment heard this week, "Did beavers build the Hoover Dam?"

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