Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Changing mindsets including my own

I started a class that is looking at creating 3d printed objects with the idea of how do we do recycling better in our school. This was supposed to be a way to get students investigating and seeing what the bottles that they drink from are made of and what happens to them afterwards.

The recycling bins at school
Just some of the bottles that we looked at. Interesting that the Powerade bottle had no markings showing what number recycling it was.

However, it has carried on, students are designing new ideas and bins through tinkercad on how these could actually be made and work. There has been one conversation that keeps going, it is around why not promote recycling through a gamification.

An idea from overseas.

However the students want to link towards the TimeOut Zone idea, where you get to play for tickets and get something from it.

Collect a number of tickets and you get a hot wheels car or lego set/piece.

Interesting ideas, However for a commercial crusher is $6,000.

I also got sent this from one of the parents tonight, who engages with her son on the learning at school.
Bottle and can crushing machine aids charities and environment 
The reverse vending machine
There is also what DB Export are doing, where they are turning bottles into crushed sand.

I continue to challenge the ideas, but also in the back of my head, I am saying, why are we not trying to do this, how can we do this, it is possible, and can raise awareness.

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