Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ideas for goal setting, reflection

I have been watching some kickstarter ideas, I keep coming back to how we can better help our students with the ideas of reflections and personal goals.

The idea I am looking at today is

Online or paper based. 

Every student is different, I talked with one of Friday, she has started to write down things that she is happy for each day, as well as giving herself a star rating. Thinking about her mental wellbeing, also using a sheet to write down what is due and what is required from her classes. Asked about digital or paper, at the moment paper, because I can cross it off. It is always with me.

“A lot of tech people I know are going back to paper, because a paper planner … there’s still no better tool than a paper planner.” organization and time-management guru, David Allen, said during a recent interview.


While many applications for time management exist, none can replace the added value of sitting down with a pen and paper. It’s just faster, way more convenient, and therefore you will actually use it.  

So happy that the while I get a physical copy of the book, I also get a PDF copy as well.

Here is what Amy Schellenbaum, Popular Science, had to say:
“Writing things down can make you feel better, mentally and physically.” 
“...Once you’ve written down all the tiny things you need to get done, you give your brain the capacity and the encouragement to actually do the things.” 
“The manual effort: It’s easy to underestimate the swell of satisfaction from making progress on something physical. To-do lists give nerds like me the thrill of checking something off. It’s a genuinely pleasurable experience.”

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