Sunday, 4 June 2017

The "phigital" student

“phigital”—unwilling or unable to draw a distinction between the physical world and its digital equivalent.
Thought it rather an interesting article, when you start to read the idea behind it.

We are now entering a world where the students that we have in the classroom have never been without access to digital devices, the internet.

"Since education has been focusing more on adapting itself to its students, rather than students learning to adapt to its educators..."

When I start looking at the conversations that this group has been talking about in the past two weeks, as well as conversations I have had with others in the past. Have digital technologies courses put the student at the centre, or have they had the teacher at the centre?

What talents do students bring to class?

"Because of this upbringing, Gen Z would rather focus on their own unique talents and interests, rather than pre-determined skills and interests agreed upon by a group. The Stillmans say that Gen Z typically likes to work independently and likes to create their own job or project title/description.

Mirroring this trend, innovative schools are making personalization and individualization of instruction for every student a major priority.

But outside of individualizing instruction through adaptive learning and LMS and teacher-based pedagogical strategies, some schools are going a step beyond by giving students choice in both learning materials and how they plan to reach project-based learning goals."

While this may not be new to teachers of the technology process, it maybe something new to the other learning areas.

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