Tuesday, 23 January 2018

developing resources

I think this year is one of cool stuff.
The ideas need to be simple enough to develop different ideas.
Today I found out about edCreate, an extension kit for the edison robot.
It has been a day of trying to find a location in New Zealand that has these.

https://nicegear.nz/product/edcreate as well as http://www.mindkits.co.nz/edcreate.aspx.

I like the idea of the bag concept, I play on using this with one of my students, the idea is getting them working with the concepts of mechatronics.

The second idea is around developing Designing and Developing Digital Outcomes, https://papersignals.withgoogle.com/

What a great way to get students to develop ideas and concepts with voice technology. Consider the google home and amazon dot that are being released.

Third idea, this is currently being written as an assessment resource. Dealing with advanced programming and using the power of python parsing files.

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