Monday, 22 January 2018

LearnPath - araako

I have been busy doing some updates to a system that I am developing at school. LearnPath.

Or as the students know it as

Araako is a system to help students develop their understanding of the hub curriculum, their my being, my learning, my community.

How can LearnPath show the following?

Students work through filling in different sections of araako through their profile.

Personality test, this is based on the personality test. This enables the student to put in what their personality type is. A way to remember then strengths. The personality types are one aspect we get students to look at how they learn, how they work with others. The different personality types of listed here.

Short story. In some ways this adds a bit of humour to the area, having an opportunity to write something short provides opportunities for students to be creative.

Profile. Other social networks have it, why shouldn't this? The avatar needs to be changed to the community that they are in.

Habit that they are working on. The Hobsonville Habits allows students to select a habit that they are working towards, or a habit that they show strength in. This can be used in either way.

Goals, both personal and academic excellence.
Though, it could be nice rather than a graduate profile statement, to be a more learner focussed statement.

Academic Excellence
Has developed the generic learning skills and the specific knowledge, skills and understandings that enable learners to excel in their chosen pathway.
Personal Excellence
Has developed the personal values, dispositions and capabilities that enable the learners to lead a happy, healthy and successful life.

Developing understanding through the Hobsonville Habits, allowing students to delve deeper using the habit cards to understand and show strengths and weaknesses.

Personalising the header colour, allows the students to have some form of customising. These are limited to the materialisecss colours, available here

I have half developed a way for students to see what they have covered curriculum wise.
But this needs to have a bit more done to it, to show the learning objectives that have been covered.

Blue - SPINS

Developing a different way to look at the habits, all the habit indicators have been added to the system and it picks 5 at random that students are to develop some thinking around, wether it is for their own goals or around developing and understanding their learning.

Through one of the reflections to offer opportunities to develop SMART goals more, similar to what Amanda has done here

Through this I have been looking at other ways to pull apart goals.

While it provides opportunities for students to show aspects of the habits, one of the main things I design it to do it is to provide a way for students to do reflections.

The reflective nature of what they have learnt is the focus of a number of research papers.

How can we provide opportunities for students to do this within hub. I have talked with students about blogger and other opportunities, however they wanted it behind a wall. Many are not yet at the stage where they feel comfortable posting online. Especially Year 9 and Yer 10 students.

What should go into a reflection?

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