Monday, 27 August 2007

Daylight saving time increases in New Zealand

I have an ethical dilemma at the moment, do I inform our IT department at school that they need to update all the laptops and desktops + servers in the school to allow for the changes to daylight savings time. If these changes are not done then there will be problems with emails and our Student Management System. Or should they be aware of it already

Is it my job to let them know, or do I just act ignorant?

I might just patch my own systems,
If you are interested the patch is available here

30 April 2007

New Zealanders will have three weeks more daylight saving from 30 September this year following the decision by the Labour-led Government to extend the period to 27 weeks, Internal Affairs Minister Rick Barker announced today.

Clocks will go forward an hour a week earlier than usual - on the last Sunday in September- and back an hour on the first Sunday in April, instead of the third Sunday in March. This is the first change in daylight saving since 1990.

“The decision means people will have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings from late September to early April to enjoy the outdoors. This builds upon the extra half an hour already built into New Zealand’s time throughout the year,” Rick Barker said.

“The earlier start will also avoid clashing with the start of the fourth school term, which has caused disruptions for schools and families in the past. However more broadly over the longer term we will also be monitoring the effects on other parts of the economy, such as the energy sector, to see if there are long term sustainable benefits.

“Part of this ongoing monitoring will include the Department of Internal Affairs actively engaging in research that identifies potential positive and sustainable impacts experienced by other territories that have extended their daylight saving regimes,” said Rick Barker.

Rick Barker directed the Department of Internal Affairs to review daylight saving following public debate generated by Nelson City Councillor Mark Holmes in March 2006. Mr Holmes and United Future leader Peter Dunne recently presented a petition to Parliament on this issue.

“The Department of Internal Affairs will now work with computer companies and industries to update operating systems incorporating the time changes before the start of daylight saving,” Rick Barker said.

Daylight saving for 2007-08 will start at 2am on 30 September 2007 and end at 3am on 6 April 2008.


Anonymous said...

i have 30 servers and over 300 machines to do from winnt4 to 2003.. its going well.. automate clients and manually do servers. how does linux handle the change?

Anonymous said...

oh, not to mention ricoh mfds and fax machines...