Tuesday, 14 August 2007

One statement I get sick of

Noone else is complaining about it. <- this is a statement that annoys the hell out of me!!!

Who else teaches programming, who else has students with a gmail account as the school won't give them a email account, who else is using blogs for the students to keep details of their achievement standard. Who else is using .NET programming and game development! Frankly why would anyone else complain! maybe I should get my students to do research in network hacking and broadcast floods, connect up one powerful server with two 1Gig cards in it and tell them that they do not pass until the network stops working! That is how annoying that statement is to me!

This is a statement that our IT guy keeps telling me at work. No one else is complaining about it. Hell I complain if the students can't access the internet. Man if you are checking that the Internet works when you login to the server, of course it will always work. Check it from a classroom machine when you have a full class trying to access websites and none of them work. I will insert the image of what the students got tomorrow.

School changed proxies last week, and I have been having issues ever since, websites blocked, pages not loading. I put in a complaint and the response I get in an email is that the year 12 and 13 students that are having the problems is that they are still on the same proxy server, ummm, then why is it coming up wserver1.* where as before it was wserver2.*, I get sick of people who try and bluff there way through things, when the person at my end is clued up and fed up with the stupidity. Why change things half way through the term, just as everyone is trying to get through assessments. This is due to the over usage of last month.

I am a ICT teacher who is quite web intensive!!!
My email to the IT Manager, DP, Technician and HOD
Good afternoon

Since the introduction of the 2 proxies, Internet access has been worse than ever. WebPages and websites either do not load or are blocked. Until last week I have not had the issues that have plagued me this week.

Today period 6, I had students accessing www.blogger.com to keep a record of their game development. I had four students logging in and the page/website would not load even after 1 minute. This was carried out at 3:08pm, and again at 3:11. Some students no longer have internet access, not even www.nzherald.co.nz will load. This whole entire year 12 programming class during period 6 today either could not access page or could not access the internet or had problems accessing sites today.

Internet access has also been slow and troublesome for students during classes the rest of today as well, either slow or pages not loading. Period 5 with a year 9 class doing research for a teacher who had booked the room was causing problems, slow internet access and pages not loading.

This cannot continue!

Please revert back to the status quo!!!! Or don’t muck around with year 12 and 13 accounts as internet access for these students for me is vital.
Our IT Guys reply

I don’t know what you are saying! I have been watching the student internet all day. Year 10 – 13 students all are using the same proxy and same internet account, but only you had this complain. I also test aatest12 both can go to http://www.nzherald.co.nz and http://www.blogger.com. Of course, http://www.blogger.com seems a little slow, but that is their problem. Don’t you think there were some other reasons?

We started to use two proxies from last Monday, and all users were sharing one internet account only, on last Friday, all students were using wireless internet. From this week, only 4 year levels students share a Xtra account, the only different is monitored by Watchdog this week, but wasn’t last week.
Confused as this email con fuddles me, 4 level students are using wireless accounts? Hand on, you say in your email that they are using the same server and same account!
To me, year 12 and 13 should be on the adsl accounts and year 9, 10, and 11 should be on the wireless.
Friday, I am glad I wasn't at school on Friday...
from a previous email
If they re-login this morning after Period 2, Year 9 students should go to wserver2, all other students should go to wserver1.

wserver2.* is the original proxy server
wserver1.* is the new proxy server
+ we also have another proxy for staff.

I am getting confused, he says one thing and writes another that contradicts the previous email.
IT Manager email from last week to the DP forwarded onto me.
Missed catching up Thursday afternoon, to let you know where we are up to with logging student internet use. With the new proxy with y10 - 13 are on, we can extract the user history into excel though a bit fiddly, but will work on stream lining it so you can get direct access. If you need details of where a specific student has been we can do it, just ask Insert Name here to check with me and I will check the routine with him. The usual logs should also be available but I think there is some problems at present Insert Name Here is working on.

IT Manager
oneteachersview needs to see Insert Name here or Insert Name here and they can sort out the problem. If he is away he could tell his students to go to student reception and ask for Insert Name Here or Insert Name here if there is a problem. It could be just a site Insert Name here has block for high internet use and can be easily unblock in a minute. I will get Insert Name here to get oneteachersview to list sites he uses so we don't block them. We are hoping to have another internet link soon we don't have to worry so much about consumption in the future.

If you see Insert Name Here remind him to remind staff that they can send students to student reception so Insert Name Here or Insert Name Here can fix problems immediately so to reduce interruption.

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