Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Don't bluff a IT professional

Heya, here is the latest, I proved this morning that there was a fault with the proxies and that we were not using external wireless, and that there was a problem with speed, I love

Year 9 Proxy Server (wserver2.*) 400 students (xxx.yyy.zzz.bbb which is a account)
Download Speed 3435 kbps(429.4KB/sec transfer speed)
Upload Speed 605 kbps (75.6KB/sec transfer speed)

Year 10,11,12,13 Proxy Server (wserver1.*) 1400 students ( wish is a
Download Speed 594 kbps(74.3KB/sec transfer speed)
Upload Speed 316 kbps (39.5KB/sec transfer speed)

As you can see this is without students accessing those servers, 7:33am this morning.
As I kept getting told there was no trouble, I had to prove it, now I get the following email from him. I have a migraine.
From: Insert Name Here
Sent: Wednesday, 15 August 2007 10:42 a.m.
To: oneteachersview
Subject: student internet speed


Before I rang watchdog, I used a new router instead of the one from watchdog, and tested it. The speed was up to 2000kbps/500mbps (download/upload) even while many students were online at the same time.

Watchdog has confirmed that they were having speed problems last week. We didn’t use that account so I didn’t know that. They say it will be sorted by next week.

So now we are not using watchdog filtering. If there is a problem, we will move your classes to another account.

We encourage all staff to report any problem directly to us and then we will try to find out the reasons.

Thanks for your help


Insert Name here.

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