Thursday, 1 May 2008

Back to basics on the net

from the digital strategy draft 2.0 document

In April 2008, NetSafe will launch a new online animation campaign highlighting the importance   of computer safety and security. Called Net Basics, it features the Jones family, who buy a new  computer and find out that online, things are ‘not always as they appear’.  

Net Basics pits three heroes – AntiVirus Authority (AVA), Anti Spyware Software (ASS) and the egotistical Software Update Programme (SUP) – against the evil Rapid Spawn, Pixelmania and Fiona in a battle for the Jones’s family computer.  

Each animation introduces a computer security concept, such as the importance of firewalls and  keeping security software up to date, and is followed by clear and concise advice on that concept.  

The new Net Basics campaign includes nine short animations and a website   ( explaining home computer security in simple terms to anyone with an  internet connection.  

The project is supported by CPF funding. 

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