Thursday, 1 May 2008

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NetSafe breathes life in Computer Security Advice
Tuesday, 8 April 2008, 11:24 am
Press Release: Netsafe

NetSafe breathes life into Computer Security AdviceA new and engaging campaign advising New Zealanders on how to keep their PC and information secure will be launched on April 9. The NetBasics website advises home computer owners on how to protect their computers [Note that many of these computers are also used to manage small businesses and community organizations. ] and the data they hold.

“With the ever increasing volume and complexity of attacks on home PCs, the need for home computer owners to understand and implement security measures is greater than ever,” says Martin Cocker, Executive Director of NetSafe. ”The arrest of Owen Walker (aka Akill) is a timely reminder that the criminal fraternity has really switched on to the ‘opportunity’ of the internet.”

Many members of New Zealand’s cybersafety and security community will gather at Auckland’s Transmission Room to witness the official unveiling of the NetBasics. A video teaser has been posted on the YouTube video sharing site ( -keyword search – NetBasics).

“On its own, computer security is a pretty dry subject. We needed a delivery vehicle that effectively explained the concepts and was also entertaining enough to keep the audience engaged,” says Cocker. “Animation allowed us to get creative and bring new life to this subject matter. I’m sure people will enjoy the animated episodes that introduce each security concept.”

The NetBasics was partially funded by the Digital Opportunities Community Partnership Fund. Other major contributors include InternetNZ, Westpac, the Ministry of Education, and TradeMe.
I am annoyed I have only just found out about this, it came out earlier in the month when I was teaching this subject. Normally is one of the first places that releases this information. ICT in education, there is even a community on it, instead I find out about it through the digital strategy 2.0 draft document (pdf), mind you this was posted on

I have requested the media pack from netsafe to be able to play with it more in my classroom, with the year 12 and year 13 students. Maybe it can form part of my study as it looks at hacker high school which I have talked about before in my blog.

I am just annoyed I found out about it now.

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