Tuesday, 27 May 2008

digital storehouse

Digital Learning Objects are a part of our learning landscape now. I have been trying to integrate these into our digitial video library and resource centre. We can integrate our own videos and clips as well as the odd teaching resource into this. However we also have available to us digitial learning objects. The New Zealand ministry of education and teh austrailian le@rning federation have a partnership where they are developing and delivering various digitial learning objects through to schools. A digitial learning object is

A learning object is a resource, usually digital and web-based, that can be used and re-used to support learning. source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_object

Now what I have been doing with the clickview software is to be able to integrate the learning objects available into the system. Easy, well thats what i thought. After a few emails and links to the knowledgebase(I still perfer FAQ). we come up with this.

Importing Learning Objects from a LORAX Proxy Server
The Learning Object Manager allows librarians and ClickView administrators to connect to a ClickView Learning Object Proxy Server hosted by your regional peak educational body. Thus allowing schools to download Learning Objects provided by the Learning Federation into your ClickView Library Server.

Simple hey, right lets connect to a LORAX server, sounds like something from Dr Suess doesn't it. Well you are right there, it is a word from Dr Suess. However, I haven't managed to find out what the LORAX this refers to.

They are busy working out how to get me setup as I will be one of the first NZ customers of this.

Sounds like other things that I am trying to do with my work, why am I always the first? Where are the others on my journey.

The other part to go with this is why I want to start using them. 

I am in search for some software that may have been delivered in the past couple of years to the school from the ministry (unfortunately after an exhausted search we have been unable to find these). I am in development of a unit of work for a year 13 class in Digital Learning Objects, as well as wish to use some of the resources in the Junior ICT programmes. As part of this I also require these DVD’s and CD to be able to provide the senior students with a rationale and context behind the level 3 NCEA AS project. If you have some copies of the follow CD and DVDs, please let me know.

  • The Learning Object Collection CD – containing the first 200 items of digital content developed by The Le@rning Federation (TLF).
  • TLF Digital Content DVD – containing the latest collection of digital content.
  • Digistories DVD – containing four digital stories about the use of this content within New Zealand schools.

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