Saturday, 21 June 2008

Cooking for 60

What of the things that I have to do as manager is prepare the feed for the aftermatch function. i made a decision to not get junk food from the chip shop, either Chinese or chips. We prepare the home game food on the Saturday morning.
What i m preparing is pasta and mince. This started off being spirals and mince, the second home game was roast potatoes and mince with sour cream, and today was lasagna, but not the once that I normally make a it would require 3 kilos of cheese, and 12 litres of milk.
It does take a lot of time to get done, by the time you plan, get the food from the supermarket and cook it it takes around 5-6 hours for something that is gone in 10 minutes. But the boys think it is the best, though I should start looking at some pacifika foods. I think they want corned beef.

But saturday is a good day in general, it is more stressful that a day at school. I think it is the compeition that you hve been preparing the team for. They know the plays, they know the game, but it is up to them on how they play it on the day.

Training during the week was hard and fast. A number of boys have considered dropping out if we did not make the final 8 in the championship round. Pity for them that this week they won and now in the champ round. They are going to have to up the intensity at training this week to be able to perform their best as they go against the other teams in the pool.

What to make next home game for the aftermatch, I had someone suggest nachos. though I somehow don't think so.

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