Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I have been busy trying to get teachers to go through the teacher training so we can get some teachers and students using it. As we are part of the pilot scheme we need to be able to send some feedback through to the developers.

Due to it being a long weekend and teh number of transiant students we have, I decided to do the import of students on Tuesday night after the new students had been added. 
The file exported fine from our Student Management System, and when I put the file through the validation process on the e-asTTle website, no errors were thrown up. However, when I tried putting the file into there system to create all the login details and passwords it failed. It just hangs. Who would have thought that a 378k file would crash there system.
Its what, only 1800+ students. We are not the largest school in the country and it broke. 
I have been in contact with the helpdesk and they have said this

"I have been looking at your file and there seems to be nothing wrong but when attempting to load it into pre-production to test the upload all things come grinding to a halt.
There is a known issue with larger files such as yours that the correct succesful import message does not come up but the students are still imported. The issue here is I cant even check if that is the case so I will have to escalate this to our applications support team to investigate."

So I sit here and wait for this to be sorted out, they have now escalated this problem to the development team who I understand have been trying to split the file into smaller chunks and import it that way, so far this has not worked. i love how they do all the processing live, why not upload the file, have it process at their end and email you the result. Would this not be a better way to handle "large files" and when was 378k called a large file, to me a large file for mySQL or such would be 1-2Meg.

Oh well, will keep you up to date on how this goes

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