Thursday, 26 June 2008


It's after 6pm and I am still at work.
I am trying to get through assessments and other stuff before the end of the week. After starting so well on the online subject selection i have found that I have hit a snag. I needed some hosting and a domain. This came out of a meeting last friday about this system. They want it available anywhere, and 24/7. So students can have a conversation with their parents about the subjects they have selected and where they think that will take them in their possible career.

Well. with that has also been another couple of websites that i am having to launch really quickly. One is a voting system that we want the students to have their say on who was the best at talent quest. I have even thrown some graphics together to make it look interesting. Plus it is a play on some words. I kind of wish they had said something sooner, then we would have some branding on the event. Thank god for blogspot. As this done what I need it to do. Polls that close at certain times, Multiple Polls in fact. the ability to put pictures, video and text on. And make it real good.
the person asked me how long it would take. I said 10 minutes, ok, it took 8 minutes to have it all done, minus a few spelling errors, and the graphic. But a working model was on her desk by lunchtime.

As well as an environmental action group want a website showing what they are doing on environmental issues at here at the school. For this I want them to work on it, and am waiting on the Acceptable Use Policy to be written up and put through the final discussion before I let the students loose with this system. I plan on using our google apps for this one using the sites area.

Will wait for an email to come back before developing the environment site further.

Also it is difficult having two gmail accounts, three blogs and a google apps account to maintain the student system, you get lost on what account you are working at, until you wnat to post something and it shoots back errors. Oh well

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