Saturday, 18 April 2009


I find myself today traveling south to a new position outside of teaching. As I have been traveling, I have been thinking, what have some of the best things been in teaching. One has to be some of the drama productions I have been helping out doing the technical side of things in. Purapurawhetu in where we took over the hall and used a mixture of light and projection to illustrate maori legends and song.
Training the various sports teams and having a role in their year. Originally i started off in cycling and mountain biking, which I still remember our team riding the Tamaki Drive circuit and excited about making 24 minutes. Other teams have been the 1st eleven soccer team with a brilliant coach who took them to first place in the Counties Manukau division. Manager of the 1st XV rugby team and taking them to Linton for training with the army. The previous year had been filming the games.
Changing the courses at school to open up ICT for the students, however this has been hampered with the Unit standards and Achievement standards being offered in more than one subject. The internal development of the house system/website and thinking large.
I hope that the next 12 weeks will be a change, and I look forward to them, doing something different and new. I think of the development over the past seven years and realise that I have not really done anything in the past couple of years, no new servers in my little server room. I also look forward to there being a change in the block that I teach in, will they have the remodeled classrooms in action when I get back. What is the ideal teaching space, and what does it look like?
argh, more questions than answers.

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