Sunday, 19 April 2009

Library Competition

The annual Library competition is coming up and this year I am not in the school to help facilate the competition and put up the graphics, this is where our portal could come into place.

What content management system could I put in place to help get the information out to the students, what graphics, design could be used to help make it interestings, do we use a poll to get some information from the students and do we open up another part to the competition which is using google apps to get the students to enter in data in a form and publish it. Read a book, write up a review and post it.
So we can develop this in a new way.

We are after more information on the Secondary Literacy Project, could this be a interesting way of doing this. What other parts of the competition could there be, I have a whole google apps domain development, as well as php/mysql and other developments that I can use.
What works and what doesn't

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