Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The flu

Three weeks back at school and I have a cold, it is not the greatest thing. But, have I slowed down, no.

We are into dress rehersals for the school production
We have two data projectors being used to do the back drop which has allowed us to use moving images and something that is a bit more lifelike to get the show across to the audience.

Curriculum developments,
tomorrow is a teachers only day at school where we are looking at curriculum planning for implementation for the new curriculum in New Zealand. This is causing a bit of strife as we are trying to follow examples from around New Zealand on curriculum planning and delivery, but put our own spin on it, so the students can understand and get the localisation from it.

IT Support
Getting up to speed and working out what is needed to be carried out, I am spending more time on helping teachers get what they need out of ICT. Though I would like a more structured helpdesk solution in the school. People need to learn if there laptop isn't connecting to the network, there are a few simple problem solving techniques that could use, instead of, I can't do that, or just not doing anything.
I am working on a system to run our school maths week as well. Though this starts on Sunday, I haven't exactly spent much time on it. I think I am going to have to say, whoops, can we try this later on? How about we jump on board with the national one?

We start rehearsal in 10 minutes, and the majority of the students still have not arrived or got there sound equipment yet. Its gonna be another late night. No voice warmup yet either. Not Happy

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