Monday, 10 August 2009

Online apps

This time of year is a busy time for me, as I seem to go through a Rapid software development mode. Last year it was the subject choice system, which I have had to make some amendments to this year to help make it just that little bit easier for the students.

But no, this year we also have a maths online version running, just for our students. Ok, its not as flash as and I didn't expect it to be, as I just ran out of time developing it. I should not have left it to the last moment to design and run, but all it needed to be was a simple login and collect data. Though I did not think I would have to apply the function of saving the answers so they could be modified later.

It is working well, though i have not seem the final results for the day, as this closes at 7pm and I cannot access the database backend through the school connection.

Just finished designing the form to be used tonight, however, tomorrow is the problem, as one answer has three parts to it. I knew I should have provided some more specifications on the development of the questions.

just went to use and its down, poor web site developers, spending all that time creating the website for it to fall over on the first day.

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