Monday, 10 August 2009

our own schools mathsweek

I have bene busy getting tomorrows questions online, this has been an interesting experience as I am gaining more and more skills in php/mysql.

I am using seperate tables to record each days results from the students, this will be able to be used for stats next week.

41 students completed the monday tasks, though I must admit that I had a flaw in the program that locked one of the answers to 50 characters, which meant that some students, they way that they formatted the answer might get it marked as incorrect. I have passed this information onto the people running it, and hope that this will not disadvantage those students.

While getting tuesdays information up, which was all written up, and the database table for tuesday was designed to handle multichoice answers only, which was the next step to be updated, I had a students submit answers for tuesday by the time I had made a cup of coffee. I will have to make sure that I amend the database table first before putting wednesday, thursday and fridays questions up. Though i still have to work out how I am going to put up a three part answer, as the database table was originally setup to handle one answer for each question.

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