Monday, 28 September 2009

Exam Room Cricket

So have to try this out next year

And so we come to the time of the year where we have to supervise exams. You can’t do marking, you can’t surf the internet on your phone, what’s left? Well being stuck in the hall again I have decided on cricket. The international rules are as follows:

•1 Run = Letting someone go to the toilet.
•2 Runs = Hushing students walking past the exam room
•3 Runs = Handing out extra paper.
•4 Runs = Helping a student with an error in a paper or clarifying an instruction
•6 Runs = Crossing off the board of time to go.

The guy who wrote this blog post claims that his personal best is 14 runs in a one hour session.

Now this game can be expanded to three or five day matches with a suitable prize to the victor at the end. It started off as a bit of a joke but it has made the time pass faster and we are all more alert to hands up.
Happy Examining

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