Wednesday, 30 September 2009

working things out

Busy working things out, We have been given server racks by a company and today was getting one of then setup and installed. In this rack we have a number of the ICT departments servers located.
Studentnet - file and print server, with web server running. Year 12 web design web server with ftp access.
h2 - decommisioned today, this was an old Pentium 120Mhz machine running a web server, the data on this machine has been moved to ict1.
ict1 - development machine that hosts a number of ebooks and various developments on the go. Mostly used as a web server.
playdoh - playdoh is a machine that I obtained a few years ago now, just a the apprentice was just starting out on tv. This was one of teh first machines we used for development with the year 13 web design class.
All of the above run linux systems.
house - no not the tv series, but the house server, this hosts a installation, or multiple installations of wordpress. This runs the school spirit website. Running on windows xp with wamp installed.
As with most of these things they are proof of concept and then keep on running, though we are looking currently at what to do with our school intranet development so one person does not have to keep doing everything. We are currently given more and more things to do with the ministry and this is just one part of what our current development is.

I have been looking at a number of moodle installations through school throughout the country, as well as wordpress and joomla. Though I see benefits with each one. I need to think more about a single solution and what will be best to put as a case through to our IT manager. As the final installation will have to be installed and setup on on intranet server, as the ones I have access to above would not be able to handle more than 30 concurrent connections.

The reason is that we haven't really done anything for the last seven years with our current intranet solution, apart from me changing the content on some of the pages. We need to do more to educate our students and provide them with greater opportunities, with web 2.0 being more of a feature in classrooms our internet connection cannot handle it. We are now doing over 200 Gig a month in traffic. We need to look at where this traffic is going and what can do to get this down to a more manageable connection.

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