Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Well the website is now offline, on Monday at 3:30pm it was removed as this was the time students had been told to complete their selections, out of 769 students, 143 did not complete there selections by this time.

Things to look at next time. We have to get a better lead in time, getting the site up and going took the time. The reason for this was waiting on a spreadsheet to get the main information in.
Other things, uplaoding images of the powerpoint slides seemed to fail at almost every upload, these had to be uploaded through the file manager on the website.

I am trying to work out when the site went live. I know students were shown the idea of the project on Wednesday 11 November, in which caused a number of issues, as students were logging in later that day and selecting options, which had to be stopped. 10 students completed their selections based on the test data alone.

keeping studenst up to date on what was happening was needed, so the colour RED showed that the website was offline, ORANGE that website was going live soon, GREEN that the webite was live.

The site went live on Thursday at 11:30am, the students had till monday 3:30pm

Very few changes had to be written for this, just a change of a slide and a change of cost of one of the activities.

Issues surronding this, number of students wanting to do one of the projects, 175 students selected one of the projects, where a number of the other projects had very little students wanting to particpate in. One of the original design specs for this was that when a project reached its number that it would close off and not be available to show again. This needs to happen with next years project based learning.

Another issue is communication, I thought that if I exported a list of students and their selections that this would have been imported into our SMS and groups created and printed from there. No, I had to go through and export all the selections based on select1 and id from the database and print them off to be keyed in by someone else. This was a suprise to me and I was not prepared for it this morning, had I been told what was happening I would have managed to get all the data off last night and emailed through for the person first thing this morning, I had five projects that I had to re-export due to the LIMIT 0,30 that phpmyadmin sets in the SQL field. This caused me a little bit of an issue, once I realised what was happening I retified the problem.

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