Tuesday, 10 November 2009

year 13 webdesign project

I am looking at this as part of a project for my students, to create a website for teh national cycleways project

Trying to find anything about this has been difficult, though through the use of wikipedia, I have manged to find this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Cycleway_Project

which lead me to the governments page


the seven tracks around new zealand have been outlined here


updates about the project, though the first start of work on the waikato trail, which is started today, is not mentioned http://tourism.govt.nz/Our-Work/New-Zealand-Cycleway-Project/Cycleway-Project-Updates/

Released today is the logo for The New Zealand Cycle Trail, does this really reflect the nature of such an important project. I think not. I am looking at what my class will be able to come up with next year as a assessment for my project.

John key unveiled the cycle way logo, which will be used on track signs.

The logo, Nga Haerenga, means "the journeys" and will also be used in offshore marketing.

So do we really want this on all the signage!

Oh no, it just got worse, I found the branding handout... http://tourism.govt.nz/Documents/Policy%20Website/Documents/NZCycleTrail/cycletrailHandoutWeb.pdf two pages of words and the other is just images of the country with the brand over the top.

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