Monday, 30 November 2009

under the weather

No, i am not sick, the weather outlook for the three day project based learning is

Tuesday - Occasional rain, possibly thundery. Muggy northerly 22-18

Wednesday - Outbreaks of rain, some heavy. Northweste-lies dying. 25-14

Thursday - Rain at times. Easterlies developing. 19-13

Ok, so Tuesday we are based at school, that is not too much of an issue. Though, I have developed a 4.9km course that the students are going to have to do solving questions along the way. I hope some properties don't get scared with 32 students walking past there gate.
So questions will be asked when they get back. How difficult was the course, how easy is it without street names? Draw your route on the map. Was there any issues that you came across on the way. These questions are likely to be used again and again throughout the three days. There is not time limit on this exercise, though there will be time limits on the other ones over the next three days, how does this impact on your ability to think on your feet.

Planning for the domain drop is going well. Working on dropping the caches after 6pm tomorrow and looking at the light tonight, I guess we have 2 and a half hours to get it done, before we get darkness.

I probably have to get some more batteries for my GPS unit, and a $20 top up voucher, just to add some extra credit to the phone.

The third day still needs some planning on developing the coordinates required for the writing at victoria park.

Roles - 4 people in each group

What different types of caches are there?

find an earth cache, what is its purpose? GC1C31D

See if you can find a cache somewhere are new zealand that meets the guidelines, must be around auckland first, then you can go further afield.

Students could design their own cache, what could they put in it, where could they put it?

also some ideas for tomorrow, I like the one of throw the ball/kick the ball, graph them using a gps

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