Thursday, 8 November 2012

back onto BYOD

Found out tonight that we have to jump back into action mode. Straight after the seniors have left today, I am back in an office talking and discussing the next moves. We have parents ringing asking about devices and what information are we giving them.
The first part was going back through a newsletter article that I wrote in August, once we found this we started copying and pasting ready for it to go online for students and their parents to find. Once we had gone through this and started to find the link for the agreement, I was amazed to find out that it was already up. So we have a place to inform parents.
Now for some changes to be made, like stating its for all students, changing a few words here and there.
Once that will be complete tomorrow we will inform year 9 students through email some of the plans as well as invite them to be a part of the class. It will be an opt in.
When I got home and settled down, I opened up the computer and did a search for what other schools are developing, one that stood out for me was the work work that epson girls grammar have done. They have a partnership with cyclone computers to offer a number of devices for parents, something similar to what I am looking for. The best thing was that they had a meeting for staff today in town, so jumped in the car and went and had a chat with them over the next step. Also contacted someone at eggs and asked about the programme and they were supportive about it. Will look forward to the conversation tomorrow.
But they did ask one question that I am not too sure about, should we offer microsoft office on the device, or ask for it?

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