Friday, 2 November 2012

nz open source awards

Its a busy time and I was amazed to see the New Zealand Open Source Awards nominations finals list appear, 

Looking at a number of the projects that have gained finals status
  • Government: Central Agencies Shared Services use of Koha Library Management System, GNS Science for GeoNet Rapid, Piwik.
  • Business: Fulcrum, Piwik and Totara LMS.
  • Education: the Catalyst Academy, Manaiakalani, Warrington School for the Ubuntu Room.
  • Arts:the Big Idea, Daniel Reurich for the Open Source Organ Refit, Whisper Down The Lane.
  • Software Project: NIWA for Cylc, Piwik, Sofa Statistics.
  • Open Source Contributor: Michael Kerrisk, Grant McLean, Simon Welsh.
  • Social Services: EQNZ for the Christchurch Earthquake Ushahidi, SoupHub, Wellington City Council for Housing Computer Hubs.
  • Open Science: Computational Evolution Group for BEAST, GNS Science for their GeoNet Data Policy, NIWA for Cylc.
However, the ones that have interest for me are the education ones,
Warrington School for the Ubuntu Room -

I hope I have the right links...

Will be interesting to hear the results,

Now, some may be wondering why the post, The school runs there radio station on Open Source, that is what I am thinking about, as well as the opportunity for creative commons music. Now to start thinking of the brief to give the student next year to be able to do this with our station.

The results, the Manaiakalani project won the education category.

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