Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Learning is a two way street

Just been show an excellent article, - Learning is a two way street, an interesting read, and for me what makes it better is that it was written by a student.

He makes some excellent points around Learning records, and In-class surveys
  • Learning records — A document accessible by both student and teacher that contains on-going comments based upon assignments, assessments, and in-class activities. I was pleased to see my English teacher put this strategy into practise this year; I don't think the tools are quite there yet, but just having the ability to know where I'm going well, and where I need to improve, is invaluable. Having the opportunity to then respond and carry on the conversation is another critical component in encouraging progress. After all, an end of year report is far too late a stage to address any weaknesses.
  • In-class surveys — I've seen alarmingly few opportunities to give my teachers feedback in the past, and it's always requested on the last few days of the year, when neither teacher nor student are invested in the results. The alternative is to give students a short survey during, and at the end of, each topic. Make it simple—a 1-5 scale for progress and enjoyment, and few simple questions, such as "Did the powerpoint assignment help you understand the topic?" and perhaps more ambitiously, "How could I teach differently to help you better understand the topic?" Follow up on any issues raised and adapt accordingly. Also, remember to only use the survey sparingly and encourage students to answer honestly.

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