Wednesday, 3 July 2013

programming level 3

I have been sitting here for a while looking at my year 13 programming class, I must say while I have a couple of competent students programming wise, The others are struggling with the work.

Things I think I may need to change;

  • programming environment
  • the timing of the course

Is python a good language to get students to develop in as their first GUI language, probably not. There is far too much understanding that hey have to do, using a IDE would be better for them.

Ensure that in your finished program:

  • there is at least one indexed data structure and it has: a modular structure; an input and output; procedural structures that combine sequential, conditional, and iterative structures; a graphical user interface and event handling; and that includes classes and objects (inheritance is not required)
  • interaction between modules is minimised, modules are reused rather than duplicated, and the procedural structure of each module is efficient
  • classes and objects are sensibly encapsulated
  • you annotate your code and use explanatory variable/module names so that the purpose of each part of the program is clear. Document the program with comments on the function and behaviour of the classes and modules.
  • Justify the decisions you made as you developed your GUI program.

now looking at changing the assessment from the calculator to a more suited task that is design using what hey have learnt from the tasks that they have completed in the last two weeks. It is more of a currency converter. 

I still think that I will look at changing the program next year.

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