Wednesday, 31 July 2013

subject selection

This is the last year that we will be using a website that I developed, the website being a way for students to do online subject selection. It has been a useful development into web development through php/mysql and allowed me to develop so much information. One thing that I think about is how to could have been updated. The look and feel of it was old school. No fancy graphics, simple design and allowed students to change there selections at any time. This allowed for students to have conversations with parents and make the change.

Best thing was that with the simple design is that it worked on mobile devices, tablets without me having to make any changes to the css.

Issues I have had over the years have been mostly due to the data coming in, verification of data is a big issue and when the data in your Student Management System is faulty you tend to have a number of parents e-mailing that they can not access the material. It seems that a couple of years ago our current Student Management System changed dates of birth. Other issues have been the introduction of 6 character subject codes.

I am currently awaiting the student file, so I can start to go through and edit to put into the database and awaiting what subjects are going in this year to be chosen.
The 2014 Curriculum Handbook has arrived and a copy put in your pigeon holes for your use in assisting and advising students in subject choice. Please note the following details re the issuing and collection of subject choices for next year;-


  • Issued to students in Yr 9-12 at tutor time on Monday 2 August (Week 2)
  • Tuesday 13 August Careers and Curriculum Evening for Yr 9-12 students and parents, 6-8.30 pm (Week 3)
  • Subject choice (9-12) and Achievement Target interviews (11-13) 29/30 August in Assembly time and FT (for -12)(Week 5)
  • Tournament week (week 6)
  • Student Subject Choices close on line Monday 9 Sept at 4pm (Week 7)
  • Individual subject selections summary generated for Form Tutors to check with students at form time Wednesday – Friday 11-13 September (week 7)
  • Return individual student subject selection sheet to box in staff room by end of interval on 13 September (Week 7)

Other things to note
Student’s name appearing on the subject choice sheets is the students Birth Certificate name and it is also what will appear on NCEA papers.
Students have 5 weeks from receiving the 2014 Curriculum handbook until subject choices are due on 9 Sept. They need to take note of subject prerequisites, how well they perform in the school exams and careers advice from the Careers/Curriculum evening when making their selection. Exam performance of students will be taken into consideration when we look at classes for next year as this will determine the number of classes offered likely to be offered.

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