Thursday, 9 October 2014

frustrating comments

This morning I woke up to this tweet
Wow, reading the blog posts shows a lack of knowledge and understanding. The interesting part is
that the author does not reference what level he is talking about.

I know if 151 schools that are teaching coding at ncea level 1.

over 4000 students obtained a result in programming through ncea last year

scratch, Python, Java, JavaScript, cocoa are some of the languages taught

considering programming is a strand of the technology - digital technologies of NZC

the actual subject digital technologies establish 2009 teaches programming, algorithms and

computer science to three levels of ncea

best thing @CodeClubNZ being launched today at #itx2014 to support coding in intermediate

if you want to see evidence of how good schools are at programming see

massive amount of work from the subject association @NZACDITT

there are three cs4hs workshops going in nz

this is well established in New Zealand

programming happening in electronics and media across the digital technologies framework

here is the curriculum matrix it sits under …

I can tell you which schools, how many entries across the country

To which, the response was I was thinking primary/intermediate rather than secondary/NCEA level.

Note: Interesting that no where in his original blog post was the level mentioned, however, through the use of @codingNZC and talking about projects that are happening in schools, there is a lot going on. It is only when you step outside your area and talk with other do you see what is actually going on. Maybe this is what ulearn should be promoting, doing.

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