Wednesday, 15 October 2014

online assessment PE Level 1

This year the PE department came to me to ask how they could move forward. They have limited lessons to do PE and offer a assessment.
The assessment is reflecting on what they did during the class. What factors limited based on a series of questions. What they could do next time to work on this.

We looked at moodle as being a way to do this. However, lack of knowledge had an impact on this as students couldn't go back and edit their responses.

Next, we looked at Google Docs, this would require students to have a document and keep updating it. Not really suitable at this point.

Google Forms, Students can add entries, tick boxes, develop an understanding and it is using a platform they are familiar with. The problem that we have found is going back and editing.
However, bring in some Information Science, and away we go...

Export the google form data into a database, and then have the students access, and be able to edit the information. This could have been a good idea at the start, however the current google doc has been through 4 iterations as the teacher has developed the assessment and thoughts.

The 4 iterations had to be all incorporated into the database and information set that we now have available.

Early on in Google forms we turned on the require username, this has allowed us to have a common field, it is amazing how different students enter their name in the form each lesson. This has helped us match the data easily. There was a period where google broke in which we had to turn off the username catching, this caused a large number of issues that we had to work through. As we use moodle as our access point it links into google forms easily with single sign on. That part broke for a couple of days.

getting into the next part of the assessment has taken a bit of thinking. We needed to have a way to enable teachers to enter comments on what was missing, provide feedback. Students needed to see this and make the required changes. But there needs to be a record of this.
The nest part was that there needs to be a way to be able to use this for online moderation. The 8 selected students need to be able to be exported or printed.

The first version of the software worked out the number of entries that each student had done as students could not remember what entry they were up to, in some cases there are double entries. This needed to be able to be viewed quickly.

The next part was added in quickly, but never released until this week. I worked on the auth system, but became stuck in my thoughts as I wasn't putting time into the development. Most of what I created I deleted as I would just end up going around in circles.

Over the past two days, I finished students being able to update factor1, factor2 and could. Teachers being able to enter comments and an auth system that means that students can't access each others. Though it has the students email address in the URL, they can't change it and add in another students. It just won't work.

What needs to happen, we need to move off google docs and make this a full system for this assessment. Students should be able to log in from home and access the material and fill in their log.
teachers need to be able to tick off each entry and make a note so they can see a table of what has been completed and what hasn't...

Making it available for online moderation would then mean that there is little need for teacher stress for this.

One of the best parts around this is... This came from a conversation within school. Teachers talking to each other.

You should see what the PE teacher wants to do next.

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