Sunday, 1 May 2016

Learning Hub - edsketch or hubsketch

One thing that I have been working on this year is my ability to be a better hub coach. This is something that is next level form class tutor stuff.

I think I need this as a chart on my wall in the office,
Being a Learning Coach
What Learning Coaches do:  

The Hub and our role as Coaches allows us to make  learning relevant, connected and personalised for ALL our learners.

  • Never stop finding ways to get to know their learners.
  • Develop sustainable connections with whanau / family.
  • Warm – demanding relationships, built around learning conversations and high expectations.
  • Track learners journey through dispositions (Hobsonville Habits) and build academic and personal excellence.
  • Support students in telling their learning story through narratives, conferencing and IEM’s.  
  • Grow learners to be inquirers and self-directed learners.
  • Create structures and resources that ensure rigor, but allow for flexibility and personalisation.
  • Negotiate / co-construct Learn Paths to ensure exposure, coverage and passion
  • Never give up!
In some ways this is almost a check off of how to reflect about learning hub each week.

For the next two terms we will be inquiring about a habit, the first one being creative. But that is not this blogpost. This one is about ways of getting to know the learners.

Last year one of the teachers ran an edsketch in May, this was to promote creative thinking and sharing about what you are doing each day. This was reposted this year to do the same.

I continue to think about new ways to get my hub students to share ideas, sometimes they do not like talking in groups, the like the share with a peer and also the one on one checkin's with the hub coach. I am also looking at different methods of communication, rather than just the normal two. Talking and writing. Why not look at others ways of sharing ideas, visually.

Often in my notebook are drawings, sketches, shapes. Not just words. They provide a visual cue.

So, rather than linking in with the edsketch16, creating hubsketch. Every school day students will do as part of there checkin a sketch. I realise that it may not be a great sketch every day, but I think it does link in with what some other hubs are doing in the school. 30 day challenges. Could this become a 30 day challenge?

The scene:
I would like to encourage everyone to sketch something they have been reading, thinking about, trying out, observing, questioning, exploring, reflecting on, working on that day.

Sketches are great for that purpose, they don;t take any writing. The quality of the sketch doesn't matter, it's not our drawing talent we are showing, it is our ideas and thoughts.

If you are worried about what your sketches will look like, perhaps this task will help you develop more creative confidence over the month.

The best way to get started on a challenge like this is to not hesitate. Just start, sketch something that has been in your head over the holidays and share.

Just a thought
One of the ideas that this could support is the development of a students learning story, not everything has to be written.

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