Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The habit of reflection

While my students are looking at the habit of reflection, I have been reflecting on where I am at the moment, sort of taking a stocktake of how things are going.

While things are going well with modules, SPINS, projects. The new floortime for this term is going really well. It is different from my normal ideas. It is based around the Department of Conservation Battle for our birds. 

I have been using a metaphor lately, trying to keep everything in the box. Taking on some new challenges this year has made me take note a bit more of what I am doing. Learning Design Leader and timetabler. Both of these are providing me some great challenges. 

One thing that I feel is falling outside the box and upsetting me is Learning Hub. This is something that is higher up this year as it is also one of my goals. As you can see in my previous blog posts I have been putting some new activities and ideas into what I am doing in hub. Planning is a big one now, as it is a sizeable amount of time. The great thing has been the development of a hub curriculum which is designed to allow the dispositions(habits) to be explored and inquired about. Then why has it escaped the box. There has been a number of other activities, ideas and exploration happen that has happened. I feel like the planning and work involved in the development of the hub that has been a goal has been taken out of my hands. Something which I am struggling to share.

While also looking at reflection I have been thinking about other things, what is happening in my life at the moment. I have started being a bit more adventurous, I have started getting my food bag. It is taking me out of my comfortzone of the food that I normally eat. Yes, I needed to change what I ate, too many times not being organised of what to get at the supermarket. Maybe that needed to be taken out of my hands for a while. I am looking at my food bag for three weeks and relooking at what it has allowed. A Rose, Bud, Thorn exercise.
I also am looking at what I doing as extra-curricular. I have restarted taking photo at sports games this season, something which supports our students and our vision.

I am helping take a fantastic group of students through the Hillary Challenge training at present. Every Monday and Friday at 7am they are there, excited and ready for the challenges that they are put through. My favourite has to be keypunch and street number bingo.

I am also enjoying the mountain biking winter series again. It allows for so many of the habits to be shown, I enjoyed the comments from the students as they finished this week about the mud, throwing a bike at the marshalls (sorry, didn't see you behind the tree) and the initial, I hate this, i am not doing it again, through to I can't wait for next time.

P.S I think my students did enjoy eating a raisin, listen to it here. In learning hub.

Reflective: I look back to look forward.
Self Aware
A Critical Thinker
  • I am always thinking about my thinking.
  • I am conscious of the steps and strategies I use when problem solving.
  • I am able to reflect and evaluate the usefulness of my thinking.  
  • I plan a strategy before embarking on problem solving.
  • I am aware of my  actions and the effect of those actions on others and the environment.
  • I am able to pose internal questions as I searches for information and meaning.
  • I am aware of the need for correction if my plan is not working.
  • I am able to reflect on the plan for the purpose of self-evaluation, and editing for improved performance.
I have ended the week with this,

I realise that we haven't really had the chance to really inquire about what the Habit of Reflective is, I thought I would help end the week with looking at an aspect.

Find some music, even if it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cq-NShfefks&list=PLX9gF6kceU2SUVDqRWrJtWdal-HTpWMnIor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57dIRXiRx_s

I would suggest finishing a quiet spot and listening to something for 10-15 minutes, relax. 

Then fill out these 10 questions, you cannot put don't know or anything that is not a coherent answer. 
Some of these questions relate to conversations that have happened in Hub this week.

What did you have for dinner of Wednesday Night, did you leave your most favourite part of it last?

Choose a module that you had this week, what was something new that you learnt?

Choose a SPIN from yesterday, was there an aspect of it that you did not enjoy, why?

What was your favourite TV Show or Netflix, Neon, Lightbox, youtube show, about this week?

If you could listen to a song over and over, what would that song be, why?

Consider Wednesday afternoon with the heavy rain and thunder that happened after school, how did this make you feel?

If you could any change an aspect of HPSS, what would it be?

Can you identify one teacher that supports you best? What is it about them that brings out the best from you?

What was a strategy that you used to solve a problem recently?

How do you feel about thinking about thinking?

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