Sunday, 8 May 2016

Exploring the habit of creativity

Over the past week, we have been exploring the habit of creativity.

While my students have been looking at the habit, I too have been thinking about what creativity means to me.

I am not an artist, I cannot play an instrument. I used to make stop motion videos when I was younger, I was part of the scouting gang shows, I could paint by numbers, I enjoyed the classes where we would go to Elizabeth park and draw the landscape. I too graphics and design at school and had a great time coming up with ideas of what could be developed through the project briefs.

I am a coder, a digital media creator, mainly around the back end coding side of things, I know what I like, and what I don't like. I can see the purpose of design principles within computer science, know as human computer interaction, very must looking into heuristics, and how these deal with design.

One of the ideas I took onboard from another teacher last year was the sketch a day in may through this ideas I have introduced hubsketch, to see the drawings from me and my hub students check out

A number of years ago I decided to do one last big purpose, a dslr camera and macbook air. It has allowed me to capture some awesome shots of sporting events, time with family, landscapes and a personal favourite, Canteen - run for a life. the following are a selection from what I could quickly.

Reid shooting
Raven exploring creativity
Tekapo - Church of the Good Shepherd
Lake Pukaki looking towards Mt Cook
Relay change
Mackenzie country
Run for a life - Mt Cook team
Chainsaw in a crowd
It has allowed me to get and about, geocaching has also given me opportunities to get to places I would never had gone before. Which has allowed me to explore what creativity within an EOTC context may look like with our EOTC week and at previous school with Project 72. Being able to find puzzles in nature and well as urban environments. No matter where I go now, I am looking for that next mission for my next EOTC week.

I have also had to think about what creativity is in thinking, I don't buy in assessments, many of the assessments are created to suit the students needs and have meaningful contexts. 

I sit with an a4 visual diary most days to allow me to draw, write and develop different ideas.

One thing that I have found that has me thinking about whats next was some drawings that I have seen in the last week
This one is of the pop up globe that has been Auckland over the summer, doing some more reading I found this blogger, through the blogger I have found some books that could be of interest to me.

I have also been researching creative ideas, I found this website, which had me thinking at the creative ideas that are already a part of hub. To which I started watching some more ideas.
The zoom, and re-zoom books have now been ordered.

And I will end this blog with a video that I gave my hub students on Friday.

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