Sunday, 5 March 2017

Week five reflection

This week has been around getting to get things going. I try and do one practical hub activity a week, which is something interesting and requires team work to make it happen. Marshmallows and bamboo sticks were this weeks mystery box activity. Having enough marshmallows at the end is always an issue as resources seem to go missing throughout.

Exploring the point is something I still enjoy. This time was to the other side of the yellow bridge into old Hobsonville. Windows of the house that was removed to make way for the motorway, a pottery lava flow that I understand turns into a stream when it rains. Getting students out to explore and make sense of our past.

I am not part of the projects staff this year, but that does not stop me from getting involved. Students are wanting to promote a community event that is coming up and thought of our local coffee providers. Getting stakeholder feedback from these provided the students with some valuable skills.

Getting involved in sports, orienteering for our adventure racing students is a must, something they identified last year that they needed to improve. Listening to their stories when they come back and looking at their routes makes me want to take it up again.

During hub on Wednesday I was challenged to complete a maths worksheet, complete a column and see how long it takes you. I don't think I have done this type of activity since working at the primary school. I must admit that I left some answers blank.

I normally attend sports games to watch students play, this year I think is the first time I have gone and watched one of my hub/form class students in an outside play. Based in the early 1900's in a place called Grovers Corner.

Getting the 3D printer up and working after a break is always something filled with problem solving, especially if the filament has been out in the air and light, it goes brittle. This was made a little bit easier as I asked one of my former hub students for a broken guitar string to help clean out the nossle. The robot was successfully printed and added to the collection. The students work for the aquabots challenge is being printed currently.


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