Sunday, 2 April 2017

Week nine reflection

This week has been getting 3Dprinting up and operational in a more sustainable format at school. Placing them in the library means that they are always under some watchful eye. The difference has been incredible with print and quality. Will need to get the login working for the library staff so that they can remotely print as well. Just looking at getting the camera operational now so we can watch what is happening when starting a job at night when we are now able to see if the bed is clear. I have even written a blog post around what the ideas I am looking at with that and how students have help provide the opportunity and context.
Thinking about 3dprinting

Getting students to do WALLE research, the WALLE class is run around developing an autonomous robot that can get from point A to point B while avoiding obstacles. While it might seem a simple task, it is not for an individual, it is a group. Developing the 21st century skills early on.

My first drawing for a while. This is of the field cottage that used to be at Hobsonville. It was demolished when the highway 18 went in. My first use of the markers that our DVC teachers use.

StoryHui, as part of our thursday morning kitchen table series we were asked to draw what the other person was talking about their teaching, how students could see us. Here is teh story that Justine made about what I was talking about.

Mountain biking, 19km ride with the mountain bike team and Adventure racing team on Wednesday Night. Was not ready for the distance or climb. So lucky I had a decent light.

Planning for next term around personalised learning a bit more within the WOTPOINT module. Using the friday professional development time to give opportunity to do combined planning.

Happy to see this number grow.

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