Saturday, 8 April 2017

Week ten reflection

Success through failure. This weeks reflection is based around this concept. In Technology it is outcome development and evaluation. Refining ideas when trialled and trying something different. The WALLE robotics class has been one of great interest to me this term. Watching students see success when trialling ideas, and then failure when they have been put into practice. Challenge of time has also been one, managing to meet the requirements. To put you robot onto the street and run it three times. Most managed to do this, however a couple of groups did not manage this, it could be a good reflection to read about where things went wrong.

Back to the photos,
Auckland Secondary Schools Orienteering finals were last weekend. The four students did well with the challenge of the other schools. Making sure you check the control number against the control you are in front of is something that will need some work. Getting used to the map scales is another.

On Monday I did a checkin with a student in the WOTPOINT class, she had missed the time where students went out to look at their structure/building. After the meeting that night I went down to go and take some photos, this allowed for here to complete the missing work, it also allowed me to check out where the come fly with me event will be happening this weekend.

The track for WALLE. Get from point A to point B while avoiding obstacles.

Wednesday, project day. Helping student manage there resources. Two groups required time to get resources for the come fly with me event this weekend. While waiting for the groups to finish I was talking with a couple of business men behind me who asked what the students were doing. Explaining the project, how they have to come up with an exhibit, plan, explore, budget and deliver a result. They were amazed at what they were up to and wished that they had that opportunity when they were at school.

The game of awesome, I used this in hub this week as a creative talking activity. The students had two cards and were required to tell a story that included the words from the cards. This was a fun and exciting activity that made a few people stop and watch. I think I may have to look at some other rules to help develop the ideas a bit more. With 17 people in hub I believe I could have two games running.

Time in the day... shakespare festival and mountain biking were on at the same time this week. I took time off mountain biking to keep my cultural kete full. Something that I have thought about more since leaving my previous school. Academic, Culture and Sport. I also need to be making sure that I not just photograph sporting events, but also cultural.

Exploring and engaging in different partnerships through the school. I use mindkits gear a fair bit in my classroom. Electronics, but now also 3d printing. They have developed a partnership with printlab, who have just released a mt everest module that allows students to develop skills in mathematics and technology. The 3d printed object is just one of 16 tiles of the contours of Mt Everest. Throughout this I have also been in contact with them about how the experience has gone as well as possible future ideas for the students. How do we do this with New Zealand Mountains? I await the response next week.

The runner box, this little box has had a few experiences this week, through the STRIDE class which do a 2km run, as well as the Adventure racing time trial. It was also presented as a independent project that one of the students has been working on since October last year when I asked him to have a look at some of the code.

Student council election week this week, rather than getting the students to do a prepared speech,
how do they deal with the pressure of a game show style event.

Starting to come up with things that I want to achieve over the holidays. See fablab in christchurch. Have a chat with a teacher from Rolleston College. Talk to an HOF about rubrics. Plan for a day or two at Rototuna next term and put a proposal to management.

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