Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Microsoft Education in New Zealand part IIII

The awaited email from msdn alliance network,

Hello Gerard,

This is in response to your email regarding the MSDN Academic Alliance for New Zealand schools.

Thank you for contacting the MSDN Academic Alliance program for North America. For prompt attention, please contact the MSDN Academic Alliance support center for the specific country where you reside. You may use the following link to determine the correct support contact:

For Latin America countries, please use the following information:

54 11 4317 2606
Fax 54 11 4317 2607

55 11 3328-3700
Fax: 11 3328 3701

Netherlands Antilles:
001 800 872 2881+ 877 417 3460

In Latin America, if your country is not listed, call collect 661 702 2860, or email to

If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know. Thank you for contacting Microsoft.

--------end of email-----

Umm yes, how about giving me the New Zealand contacts for one. Not the smartest cookie in the bunch are they.

Oh and when you click on the worldwide link in the mail, it takes you to a list of counties, one of which is not New Zealand. However Australia is there.

under the support contacts worldwide, I find an email address for Datacom in wellington., however there is no

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