Sunday, 13 January 2008

Where to start

I have found the last week kinda fun. Finding resources, designing space invaders for the walls of my classroom. But one of the biggest challenges is where to start with the students. Do I get all the moderation unit standards out of the way first. It would help with the ethics, but I wanted to start the year with the 2783 unit standard first. I will have to wait till I return to school to find out when the moderation is due. One of the other things that I am finding is that there are very few xbox 360 controllers with usb cables on them. I need at leat 10 of them for the xna development. As well as waiting for xna academic to come out, there was an annoucement in December 2007 that there will be a academic account come out in Janurary. Other developments are that I have nearly completed the four house web house websites for the houses at school. I am thinking of a fifth for the staff versus year 13. I probably need to also look at what is required for the webdesign course. CSS, Flash and mySQL/PHP will be used. But one of the biggest things I have yet to do is come up with the course for year 12. Whether I stay with the current plan, but what to make for the assessment is still up for discusion. However the year 13 course is completely changing, problem is that I have too many resources for it and I am still to go through them to see what I can and can't use.

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