Thursday, 24 January 2008

Microsoft Education - bits and bytes

In my view this has been one of the most annoying part of researching a topic. Every time I think I have found all the learning and articles for a topic I then find more.

The Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions Beginning Developer Learning Centre is my new find.

There is two parts to this, the Web Development, and Windows Development. The one I am focussed on today is the Windows Development.
Windows Development
Would you like to customize your desktop with cool utilities or build fun Windows applications and PC games? Then you should explore this Development Track
There are Five lessons in the Bits and Bytes section:
I am now working on downloading the various lessons both the audio and the articles, this will be an interesting addition to the microsoft virtual pc 2007, which as well I have just found out that it is free, I hope it will be better than the microsoft virtual pc 2004 that we have on the school system at the moment.

So I will have the bits and bytes series as well as the Microsoft Curriculum on Digital Literacy that I found the other day, or would it be better on the managed network, so it can be allocated to various rooms.

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