Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Back to work

I am back at work teaching at the school I left last term for my leave. It has been interesting returning with new knowledge and an understanding of how another school runs.

Though today has not been a good day for me, well I won't put it quite like that, more like this afternoon was not good for me. I was informed of an issue and informed parties involved, but probably not the right person. Though i considered it important enough for it to be sorted straight away to prevent others from being informed. Sorry I cannot say what the issue was.

This annoys me as I return to a school that seems to have fits and spurts of issues like these and when you inform, either it is straight away response or it is left to be sorted out another day. Yet other requests are not carried out.

Argh, needed to go for a ride after school, I know it was dark, but I had a good 32.2km ride, though a Jet Park Airport Hotel shuttle driver needs a wake up call for almost taking me out on one of the roundabouts down near the the airport. Other than that it was an enjoyable ride.

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