Friday, 3 July 2009

Technological Knowledge and Skills documents

Today the Ministry of Education and DTEP released a joint statement committing to the future direction of ICT education in schools.

This announcement marks the most significant change to ICT education in schools in 15 years.

From the techlink site: officially

Future Subjects of Technology

The Ministry of Education has been exploring the place of technological knowledge and skills within the learning area of Technology. This project seeks to identify what might become the 'future subjects' of technology to support coherent learning programmes for students; and, in this context, develop technological knowledge and skills to support programmes in senior secondary technology through the provision of:

Context specific knowledge and skill achievement standards for technology; and
  • Technology Teaching and Learning Guides.

  • Future Subjects of Technology
    (PDF download, 271Kb)

    Digital Technologies Expert Panel

    The Ministry of Education and the Digital Technologies Expert Panel (DTEP) are pleased to jointly announce the high-level outcomes of the work of the DTEP.

    Outcomes from Digital Technologies Expert Panel / Ministry of Education Process (PDF download, 159Kb)

    Press Release: Future Direction Of ICT Education In Secondary SchoolsPDF download, 5Kb)

    Now for the other stuff,

    anyone else look at this as being one of the biggest croc of s**t around.

    Lets look at the recommendations from the DTEp about removing ICT from Technology, oh look its now back in Technology, you can tell that that is a Ministry thing, heaven forbid they don't want to admit that they f**ked up. Instead we are going to have to live with this for the rest of our lives.

    Professional Development, this is going to be a big one. The majority of ICT teachers in New Zealand are not trained ICT teachers. Yeap, they are teachers that have had an interest in computing, know how to use a few software applications, have been forced to teach ICT because they have a gap in their timetable. There are but a minority that have ICT degrees in the subject. Training for these teachers is going to be interesting. I am waiting for the part from the Ministry that is like the G3 debate from years ago, we are going to have to sit a qualification to say that we are capable of teaching the subject. Who is going to create this test, some busy body at the Ministry of Education who isn't an ICT teacher themselves and doesn't have any qualifications in ICT, hmm I feel like this is deja vu, wasn't this how we got Technology Achievement Standards in the first place, they we by a Physicial Education Teacher.

    Let the rant stop, and being the last day of the term, have a break for two weeks. Yeah right (I am a fan of the tui ads)

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