Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Even though i am not at school at the moment, we have our annual talent quest which I should have thought about sooner, and got someone else to manage while I was away. The talent quest is a great way o see the talent that we have in our school. The competition has been developed from something that was a bit of a joke through to a highly thought out and professional production. Now this has required us to think outside the square on a few parts. We thought about the use of txt voting for an audience vote, but due to the cost of setting this up we decided not to. Instead we run a blogspot account and get the audience to vote through the internet. It seems to be working well with around 80 people each day putting there vote in. It has meant that I have had to update the intranet site with new graphics and developments to help promote this awesome event.

The second thing thing is our annual house reading competition, I will have to put a graph up to show you what is going on. This is the third year we have run the competition as a house event. We are about to blow our previous borrows out of the water depending on the number of books issued this week. But early estimates will be above 200 books from the previous two years.

One thing I have not been able to work well on due to lack of information this year was the house soccer, for the previous events I have put up a draw of who was playing whom on which day where, it gave the students more information. Problem was that no information was coming back to me to put up on the site, in fact very little information was going out to anyone. No information in the school notices, for the house competition to work there has to be transparency in all that is done.

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