Wednesday, 2 December 2009

project - so far

It has been a far busier event that I though, so far I have over 100 text messages on the phone from the students that have been busily texting through answers to me.

Tuesday - Started off at school and got into it straight away, A street Orienteering event that took the students all around the suburb that the school is named after. We had teachers at key locations just to make sure that they were going through. One team didn't even make it that far. They managed to get lost around the first 6 controls.
Other teams managed to take a wrong turn which put them a good 600-700m out of the way, a couple of phone calls from them to me got them back on track. A wonderful time, where the students have all come back with stories about there adventure. I have to make sure that the controls add up to the clues. It looks like one of these was out by one, which mucked up some of the later clues.
The second activity of the day was learning how to use the GPS. We started off with a video from campbell live on geocaching, which provided students some information about what they would be required to do. At lunchtime I went for a walk around the school and found some locations that the students could go to. It was then all about waypoints and finding them, one a spot on the field, the other a distinct tree. Though we ended up 12 metres away from the tree.
Students then created there own hide and go seek. Five locations around the school, then hand the piece of paper on.

Day two, the train. this was an excellent experience, the company had put extra carriages on that accommodated the extra students on the platform, from here we managed to get to the newmarket south station and get up to the auckland domain, a quick safety briefing, and hand out of the gps units and clues, they were off.
Man, what fun...
Here are some of the clues
PUZ001 Millennium Tree
How many branches are on the tree
S 36 51.543
E 174 46.538

PUZ002 Centennial walk
how many light-posts on the centennial walk?

PUZ003 Sculputure
What is the name of the sculpture located here?
S 36 51.585
E 174 46.387

PUZ004 Band Rotunda
standing in the middle of the band rotunda, how many rubbish bins can you see
S 36 51.543
E 174 46.538

PUZ005 Statues
take a photo of your group with the same pose as the statues at
S 36 51.543
E 174.46.538

PUZ006 Take a seat
Take a seat, what numbers can you see?
S 36 51.413
E 174 46.396

PUZ007 Boulders
How many circular boulders are here
S 36 51.295
E 174 46.309

PUZ008 2 part
What is big and green located here?
S 36 51.794
E 174 46.525

follow directions to
S 36 51.689
E 174 46.457

how many poles are a different colour?

PUZ009 War
How many poppies are on the monument?
S 36 71.729
E 174 46.406

PUZ010 The Gates
How many runners?
S 36 51.792
E 174 46.239

PUZ011 Green Post
What are the three white letters on the green post?
S 36 51.590
E 174 46.792

PUZ012 Time goes slowly
For local mean time today, I have to do what?
S 36 51.713
E 174 46.753

What does MC Stand for?
S 36 51.654
E 174 46.753

We had some issues with some of the GPS co-ordinates, Even though we went out twice, some of them were quite out.
The caches the students enjoyed, though some students thought they could come up with a better location for some of them, I don't think they enjoyed the one under the bride, so they put it on top of the bridge under a bush. Regeneration ended up on top of the sculpture, not down the bottom, but we had an issue with one of the caches, it ended up be watched. I am now glad I did not put it in the tree.
Other issues surrounded one of the locations not being looked at in a two stage process.
I have some interesting photos of the sculpture which the students had to copy the pose of.
One of the most memorable moments of this day, was when the text messages started come in, which showed that they students were able to find the locations and answer for the puzzle.

All in all it has been a great two days, tomorrow, is still to come.

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