Thursday, 12 April 2012

Getting more out of google apps

As we all know Google apps is missing the image editing and sound editing tools.
However, aviary for education has this available.
I have just been to the Google apps marketplace and found aviary for google apps and signed up for it.

This will now work with our account and be a wonderful addition to my students planning and development.

Aviary is a powerful suite of browser-based design tools, now available right from within Google Apps

Aviary is a suite of FREE web-based design tools which classrooms can use to create, edit and share digital assets. Aviary offers the power and capabilities of leading desktop editors and design tools, with the freedom and flexibility of browser-based applications. Whether you are trying to edit a screen capture for your website, record a podcast or design a cover for a school report, Aviary has the right tool for you.

This has now been incorporated into our moodle tools menu.

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